Windows Phone 7 Handsets Confirmed From Dell, HTC, ASUS, LG And Samsung

Microsoft has finally confirmed that Dell and HTC will be making Windows Phone 7 phones, in addition to ASUS, LG, and Samsung who had already been previously confirmed. However, the company didn’t declared any specific dates for the launch of the new mobile phone operating system. Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft, told Pocket-lint [...more]

Aug 12 2010
By sarin

HTC Incredible Undergoes Incredible Price Cut

HTC Incredible

What’s this? Were you planning on paying $200 + a two year service contract for your HTC Incredible? How dare you, sir, throw away good money like that in the middle of a multi-year recession. It’s a good thing you read Technomaly (and that we read InformationWeek), because you can find the Incredible for $149.99 [...more]

May 05 2010
By Asterios Kokkinos

The Incredible Is Here

Even if you’re not a phone freak, expect to hear a lot about the HTC Droid Incredible. The latest Google Android-based phone arrives today, and according to the first reviews, it definitely lives up to its name. CNet rated the phone as excellent, calling it the best Android phone to date and the best phone [...more]

Apr 29 2010
By J. Matthew Zoss

Google’s Nexus One: It’s Here! And I Want It!

It’s been hard to jump on the hype train for the Nexus One, but I held my itchy blogger finger and waited. But now it’s here! Google’s first act of a big year was to unveil the Nexus One at a press event. It looks like the Nexus One is at the top of the [...more]

Jan 05 2010
By Nick Upton