How Deep-Sea Snails Might Keep You Safe

The future in body armor and personal safety gear may lie with the Crysomallon squamiferum, also known as the scaly-footed gastropod. Scientists have discovered that we humans would be much safer if we all started wearing giant snail shells out in public, which we would of course trick out with vinyl decals and spinner rims. [...more]

Jan 24 2010
By J. Matthew Zoss

Bizarro Chinese Jet Cartoon Cures What Ails Ya


Despite claims to the contrary there are exactly three reasons for the Internet to exist: free porn, badgers and Chinese cartoons starring anthropomorphized flying war machines who all vaguely resemble John “Cliff Clavin” Ratzenberger. I don’t know when the Chinese developed such obvious affection for Boston’s finest fictional mailman, but I’m glad they did because [...more]

Jan 18 2010
By Nex

Iraqi Fighters Hack Predator Drone With 3.7mb File?

Military Drone Hackers

According to these news sources, Shiite fighters in Iraq were able to ‘hack’ U.S. Predator drones using a $26* piece of Russian software called Skygrabber. When we hear the word ‘hack,’ we envision Iraqi insurgents controlling drones like RC planes, firing off hellfire missiles at confused U.S. troops. ‘Hack’ is too strong a word. The [...more]

Jan 02 2010
By Asterios Kokkinos