Texting While Driving: The Most Melodramatic PSA Ever?

This bloody, gruesome PSA about texting while driving is as ridiculously violent as a Tarantino film. In the video, a young girl is chatting with her friends and text messaging on her phone, instead of watching the road. What results is :20 seconds of gory, slow motion car crashes, followed by 3:30 minutes of hysterical [...more]

Jan 21 2010
By Geoffrey Golden

Donate To The Red Cross By Texting ‘Haiti’ to 90999

Don’t forget! You can donate $10 right now by texting “Haiti” to 90999. It’s all run by the International Red Cross, and right now they could really use the cash. Also: skipping one night at Chili’s wouldn’t kill you. Those chicken crispers will taste just as good tomorrow. Source: RedCross.org Photo Source: Allianz.com [...more]

Jan 19 2010
By Asterios Kokkinos

Red Cross Raises $3 Million for Haiti Via Text Message Campaign

Yesterday, the American Red Cross began an innovative new campaign to help the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. By texting “Haiti” to 90999, a $10 donation is sent to the Red Cross and simply applied to your next cell phone bill. The incredible simplicity of the fundraising effort is clearly working – according to the [...more]

Jan 14 2010
By J. Matthew Zoss