Do you have a Wii? You do, huh? Well, do you have a black one? No? Better get on that. Nintendo’s living room-dominating Wii will be available in black starting May 9. The new bundle will be priced at $200, the same price as the current white Wii. However, the new edition will come with
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If you have a Wii balance board, chances are that you have a Wii balance board that’s not being used for much. Why not donate it to science? Ross Clark of the University of Melbourne, Australia has discovered a use for the hunks of plastic: measuring the center of pressure for people relearning how to
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Are you skilled at collecting E-Tanks and blasting evil robots, but not so skilled at reading English? Forget adult learning schools. Let Mega Man and the Master Robots teach you the ABC’s in this funny children’s book parody from Destructoid. A is for Air Man, B is for Bomb Man, C is for Could This
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Netflix streaming comes to Nintendo’s popular console.

The WiiSpray project brings tagging to video games in a way that Marc Eko’s Getting Up could only dream about.

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